How to Use CCleaner: Step by Step Guide (with Pictures)

This Tutorial Will Teach You How To Use CCleaner. This Is A Beginner Friendly Step Step Guide. Hope You Guys Will Find This CCleaner 2017 Guide Useful.

You want to boost the performance of your computer or Android Phone by eliminating the junks and cache, right? Then, you should install a good cleaning program. At this moment, the first one that pops into my head is CCleaner. If you are using computer since long, I hope you got the same.

Do you think you want help in using CCleaner? Don’t worry! I am here with this complete guide article. I have organized this guide into several sections and steps for your reading convenience. (Don’t miss my review of CCleaner and my unbiased review of CCleaner for android)

How to Use CCleaner on Windows, Mac & Android

Running CCleaner’s File Cleaner

Follow the steps given below to run File Cleaner.


Step 1: I hope you installed CCleaner. In case you don’t, download ccleaner right now. (ccleaner mac download and ccleaner for linux download)

Step 2: Once you finish the installation, open the app. You can see a brush-icon with Cleaner label beneath it, can’t you? Just click on it.

Step 3: Under the Windows tab, you get many checkboxes. Seriously scroll down to those to select only what you want to clear. I recommend you don’t check browser bookmarks.

Step 4: Go to Applications sections. You can see some checkboxes there too. Select what you need.

Step 5: Finally, it’s show time! You should hit the Run Cleaner button there.

That’s it! You have made pretty a decent amount of room on your computer.

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Running Registry Cleaner of CCleaner

I don’t really recommend running registry cleaner. You can proceed to it only if you get problems with file associations.


Step 1: Open CCleaner and select registry from the left pane of options.

Step 2: You will get a few checkboxes there. If you think something shouldn’t be cleaned, you can uncheck it.

Step 3: Once you finish with the selection, hit Scan for issues. Wait a few moments to get the scanning result.

Step 4: Check all the issues to resolve it right away. Don’t forget to click on Run cleaner. I hope you will keep a backup of the change as well. It will help you to bring the registry to the previous state, in case the recent change creates any issues.

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Working with Other CCleaner Tools

You can see a Tools section on the interface, right? Let me help you run them.


The first one is called Uninstall. Clicking on the same gets you the list of programs installed on your computer. Select the unwanted ones and click on Run uninstaller within no time.

The Startup option is to manage the software that gets started with the boot up. You can get the list by clicking on it. You can disable or delete the entry after selecting items from the list.

If you think you have too much restore points that eat up a lot of space on your computer, you can delete a few of them using CCleaner. All you have to do is follow Tools>> Restore>> Select>> Remove. It is as simple as that. CCleaner doesn’t allow you to restore from the interface, though.

Drive Wiper is a tool to wipe your free space on your computer. When you delete a file from Windows, all it does is removing the path. Means the space doesn’t really become free. CCleaner makes sure the free space is literally FREE.

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So Friends, that was all the info that you need to know when using ccleaner for first time. I hope you know how to use CCleaner now. Don’t forget to scribble down your problems if you face any.

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