6 Best CCleaner Tips & Tricks Which You Must Know (Mar. 2018)

CCleaner is one of the best cleaning utility available at present, as you may know. You can download it for your Windows computer, Mac machine and Android phone as well.

Today, I am going to give you some tips and tricks for the proper and effective usage of the software. You may know some of them. Still, I am sure that you will get at least one new tip from this article.

So, are you ready to check them out? Here you go!

Best CCleaner Tips & Tricks Which You Must Know


A common misconception people have about CCleaner is it’s an automated cleaning program. No, it’s not! You have to take action to initiate the cleaning procedure. Moreover, you shouldn’t expect a huge leap in the response time as well.

The following are a few tips and tricks for the proper use of CCleaner.

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1. Don’t Use Registry Cleaner Often

You shouldn’t use registry cleaner every single time you are up to clean junk on your computer. A computer with no severe issues doesn’t demand cleaning of the registry. It will do harm than any good if you run it on a normal computer with zero problems.

Use this only if you face trouble in running any program.

2. One-Click Drive Wiper

Have you ever used the Drive Wiper? You can find it as a subsidiary of Tools category. Unlike other cleaning utilities, this one doesn’t need a scan to analyze the disc.

All you have to do is following Tools>> Drive Wiper, choose the drive and hit Wipe. There you go!

Windows’s typical deletion involves removing the path only. That’s what makes restoration of files possible with appropriate tools. But here with Drive Wiper, you can’t restore files given that CCleaner completely deletes them from your drive.

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3. Startup Manager isn’t Just for Managing Startup Programs

Do you think startup manager on CCleaner only allows you to control programs on startup? You are wrong! It can do much more.

Yeah, it is true that the interface you get by following Tools>> Startup can disable or delete startup programs. Along with the same, it can also manage scheduled tasks and browser extensions as well.

4. Preserve the Most Used Cookies

You know the main purpose of cookies, right? It helps you have a faster browsing experience. Means you will have to face a slight delay in loading websites after you delete them from your computer.

You can manually choose the most used cookies during the cleanup process or it is possible to turn on the intelligent scan that automatically detects the most used cookies.

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5. Have an Idea about what to Clear

You shouldn’t run CCleaner without any idea of what to clear. Just before you open the software, you should think of the items that need to be cleaned.

Once you make your mind, you can proceed to the cleaning process. I recommend you preserve the cookies from most used websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

6. A Portable Version is Available

You can bring CCleaner with you all the time as a Swiss Army Knife for cleaning. Making use of the portable version, you can carry it in your USB drive.

The portable version doesn’t need installation to run the cleaning.

I hope you will follow the CCleanr tips and tricks I have shared here. In case you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to use the comment section to reach out to me.

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