CCleaner Review: Best System Cleaner for Windows & Mac or Not?

This Is My Unbiased Review Of CCleaner. I Am Using This From A Quite A Long Time, Hope You Guys Will Find This Useful To Read. You badly want to improve the performance of your computer, don’t you?

I know how it feels when you find your computer is not responding in the middle of an important task. The biggest reason for such a sudden incident may due to the piled up junk files on your system or due to an error in the Windows registry.

So, you want a solution. And, here it comes. Today I will be talking about CCleaner which is a insanely popular System Optimizer app. So , Let’s Get Started. (You may also read CCleaner for Android Review)

My Unbiased Review Of CCleaner Review


Simply put, CCleaner is a system cleaning utility. You aren’t impressed I know given that there are tons of cleanup utilities on the web. That’s why I have made a list of unique features of the software.

Features of CCleaner

The following are the impeccable features of CCleaner that you will find to be interesting.

#1. Availability of Free Version

You may not be in a financially strong position to spend a hefty amount in a PC utility. In such case, you can make use of their free version. Of course, they have premium versions. And, it is obvious that you are going to have limited features in the free one.

As you can’t spend on the premium version, I can assure you that the free version can do wonders in bringing your computer into a clean and fast state.

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#2. Easy to Use Interface

They have a few features under their roof. Still, they didn’t make the interface clumsy. If you are new to this whole computer cleaning field, you will sure be intimidated by a feature-rich unorganized interface. That’s exactly why Piriform chose to have a clutter-free user interface.

The options are arranged in different tabs and panes, making it easy to spot.

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#3. Removes Junk Files

An uninstallation of a desktop app doesn’t mean the entire range of files is removed. Your computer will have some residual files even after you completely remove a tool from your computer.

CCleaner can eliminate such files and make room in your computer for your important data. It can also clean the cache, cookies, history and other info from your web browsers as well.

#4. Registry Cleaner

Windows has a special segment with all the necessary data for the smooth running of the computer, called registry. When you encounter an error in the same, you will face issues in using your system as you used to do.

CCleaner’s registry cleaner helps you detect errors and solve them right away. They also provide you with a registry backup to be used just in case anything goes wrong with the changes you make.

CCleaner Downloads: CCleaner For Windows 7, CCleaner Pro For Windows 7 Free Download.

#5. Startup Manager

When we install some applications, some unwanted items sneak into our computer without us getting to know them. The worst thing is they even find their way to the automatic startup folder and keeps us taunting right from the time we start our computer.

We can’t find all of them in the startup directory as well. There you will find the use of startup manager of CCleaner. It will list all your startup programs and gives you options to remove or disable them.

How to Clean Your Computer Using CCleaner?

You have just read a few features of CCleaner. Let’s get to know how to clean your computer using it.

Step 1: I hope you have downloaded CCleaner. (In case you haven’t, click here). So, open the software.

Step 2: You can juggle between things you should clean there. CCleaner presents stuff like cache, history, cookies, etc. You can choose them under each application.

Step 3: Once you finish the selection, hit Analyze. It will give you a brief idea of things that take up most of your space.

Step 4: When you get the result, you can uncheck those you don’t want to clean. Finally, click Run Cleaner. There you go!

I really found significant speed boost and space gain after each cleanup. Registry Cleaner is not for a regular run. You can use it whenever you face a problem with file association.

Wrapping Up

You just read my brief review of CCleaner. I am sure that you want to improve the performance of your computer. Then, what are you waiting for?

So what do you think?

If you ask the same question to me, I have a positive answer. You can’t get an alternative for CCleaner. It makes the cleanup process easy and fast.

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