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Apple’s Mac is renowned for its stability and performance. Still, I have seen many people complaining about how slow their Mac has become over time. If you are one of the people who can’t bear the steep decrement in the performance of your Mac computer, you will find a way to bring it to the initial state after reading this article.

I have got something to cheer you up, a tool that can clean your mac computer and gets you a fresh computing experience. I’m talking about CCleaner. Yeah, you just read it right! The solution to your issue is CCleaner, a computer tuning utility.

If you had been a Windows user and switched to Mac over time, you might have heard of this tool at least once. CCleaner is a well-known cleaning utility for Windows. And, it has proved to be the best for Mac as well. Use the link given below to download the Mac version of CCleaner.

CCleaner for Mac Free Download

App Size 3.3 MB
App Version v1.14.451
Requirement Mac
Last Update November 24, 2016
Author Piriform

Download CCleaner For Mac Latest Version

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Are you hearing the name CCleaner for the first time? Do you need some details about it, so that you can decide whether to go with it or not? Then, here you go!

Features of CCleaner For Mac


The following are some of the unique features of CCleaner that I found out during my course of usage it on my iMac 4k 2016 model and on my MacBook Air.

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#1. Junk Cleaner

You may not believe it! But, junk files are eating up a lot of your hard disk space. Don’t believe it? Just download CCleaner for Mac and scan for junk. You will be amazed to see the amount of unused files on your computer.

CCleaner helps you clean them with a single click. For the same reason, you can expect a boost in the booting time as well.

#2. Automatic Browser Cleaning

You don’t like to keep your browsing details, right? Are you afraid whether you clean your history or not every time you turn off your computer? Then, you must download CCleaner.

They have a facility to setup an automatic browser cleaning. You can setup the date or the time intervals within when the browser cleaning should occur. It will automatically clear your computers history and cookies without even you noticing about it.

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#3. Availability of Free Version

Let me bust the myth! Not every app for Mac is premium.

Yeah, CCleaner has a premium version. Still, you can get your hands on their free versions as well. It helps you get an overview of how the software works. On the basis of the idea, you can decide whether to go for premium or not.

You can only do the basic optimization tasks on the free version of CCleaner, though.

#4. Real-Time Monitor

Sometimes, you have to manually watch a location for unused space. What if you can automate this process?

Well, CCleaner has a real-time monitoring feature. You can delegate the work by specifying the location you want to put under costant surveillance. This option isn’t available on the free version, though.


Haven’t you downloaded CCleaner for Mac yet? What keeps you away from trying it?

Just install the free version on your Mac and feel the changes it brings. Then, you can decide whether to move forward with the premium version or not.

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