Download CCleaner For Ubuntu & Other Linux Distros

Are you looking for CCleaner for Linux? Do you want to improve the performance of your Linux computer?

I have got your back here. I am going to help you get CCleaner on your Linux machine through this article.

So, shall we dig deep into the core of this post? Here you go!

Download CCleaner for Linux Computer

Let me bust the misconception! There is no Linux version of CCleaner available. Yeah, it is the harsh truth. In order to compensate the lack of CCleaner on your Linux computer, I have got you a few alternatives.

Best CCleaner Alternatives for Linux


The following are a few alternatives to CCleaner on Linux. I am sure that you won’t miss CC much.

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#1. BleachBit

The most popular CCleaner alternative for Linux is BleachBit. Even though you can install it on both Windows and Linux for free, the latter version is what most of the people use.

It contains a whole bunch of tools to clear junk, erase cache and delete log files. The easy to use interface of the software makes it even more comfortable to deal with.

BleachBit has a file shredder, using which you can safely delete any file, preventing the possibility to recover the same. You can also run specific tasks from the command line interface as well.

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#2. Ubuntu Tweaks

The software is more of a tweaking tool rather a cleaning utility. Still, you can run some essential cleanup processes using the same.

As the name suggests, it is dedicated to Ubuntu only. Whenever you need to improve the performance of your computer, you can run this program to help you in this regard.

It can clean multiple caches including browser, thumbnail, Ubuntu Software Center, and apt repository. The tool also has the capability to clean old kernel files and package configurations as well.

If you are interested in installing it, you can get the .deb file from the link given below.

Download Ubuntu Tweaks

Also download CCleaner Portable for PC & CCleaner.dmg for Mac.

#3. Sweeper

The name says it all. But I want to say something before you get to read further. The features offered by Sweeper are minimal and it can’t replace CCleaner in every single way.

It is impossible to install Sweeper as a standalone app. You can have it as a part of KDE utilities suite. Sweeper does all the minimal jobs like cleaning your thumbnail cache, clearing browsing traces, clipboard content and recent documents.

For the same fact, the app can have a positive impact on the performance of your computer.

Download KDE Utilities

#4. GCleaner

Last but not the least in this list of best CCleaner alternatives for Linux is GCleaner. You can find the similarity between both the programs in the names itself.

It cleans pretty much all the standard items on your Linux computer. You can clear your browsing data, recent documents, app caches, packages, recycle bin and configurations.

The app is in beta stage right now.

Download GCleaner


I hope you accepted the fact that you can’t download CCleaner for Linux computers. The best thing we can do is installing one of the best alternative programs shared here.

Don’t forget to share your experience here in the comment section down below.

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