CCleaner Android App Review: Best System Cleaner Android App or Not?

This Is My Honest Review Of CCleaner For Android. Here I Have Shared An Unbiased Opinion About CCleaner Apk For Android Which You Must Read.

Do you want to use CCleaner for Android? Are you skeptical about the efficiency of the same? Don’t worry! I got you covered in this article. I am going to review CCleaner for Android here.

For your information, CCleaner isn’t just another random cleaning tool. It has got the reputation of serving both Windows and Mac users for years.

My Unbiased Review of CCleaner for Android


CCleaner is good application, to be honest. You can directly download CCleaner Apk from our site. Once you do it, you can move on to the cleaning section.

The interface of CCleaner is very simple that you won’t have to roam around searching for specific features. There is a big analyze button to scan for the things that you can clear. It will list out the cache files of your apps, residual items that uninstalled apps left behind and a lot more. Once it finishes scanning, you can delete them right away.

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It’s app manager is pure bliss for those who wished for a method to uninstall apps in bulk. You can arrange them in the decreasing order of their size and remove those taking huge space from your storage without any issues.


CCleaner for Android’s system info segment is for RAM usage, CPU usage, free storage and other informational data. Having a constant eye on it helps you find out which app uses RAM the most. And, using it very few times helps you keep your RAM clean and responsive.

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In fact, I really like the cleaning of CCleaner. They don’t have any false claims. Neither do they clear your memory unnecessarily.

To download the latest version of the app you can use google play or download the APK version. Both the methods works fine with the app. However, i always prefer the second one for everyone. Anyhow That’s It Hope you like my review of CCleaner for android, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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