CCleaner Download For PC/Laptop Windows 7/10/8/8.1/XP

CCleaner Download For Your PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP Laptop Computer From This Page. CCleaner is the best PC cleaner and optimizer software available on the web. We have the latest version of CCleaner for PC, as well as ccleaner old versions for free download. You can read this entire page to learn useful info about ccleaner, or you can directly download it to the computer from the download button available below.

Do you want to clean your computer? Do you think its performance can be boosted? If you say yes to the questions given above, I have got something to entice you up in this article. Yeah, I am going to help you clean your computer.

Have you ever heard of the name CCleaner? I bet you heard! It helps you clean all the junk from your computer and makes it healthy. Here in this article, you can download it for free. Plus, I will give you a feature overview of the tool as well. So, shall we start? I am not going to test your patience. You can choose the download link from below.

Download CCleaner

Version CCleaner 5.24
File Size 8.2 MB
Requirement Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Developer Piriform (

Download CCleaner

You can download ccleaner apk for android & download ccleaner for mac from here.

Wait! Do you want to know its features? Let me tell you.

Features of CCleaner

The following are the features of CCleaner, which I found useful.

#1. Small Size

You can download CCleaner even with a slow-speed internet connection. The standard version of the software weighs only 8 MB in size.

So, you can download it right away and start scanning without any issues.

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#2. Availability of Portable Version

You know what software portable versions, don’t you?

Simply put, a portable version of software can reside in a removable storage device and function in the same way as that of the full version.

When you can’t install an app on your computer due to any issue, the portable version comes to your rescue. It has the capability to scan the entire system and clean junk. You can download ccleaner portable from here for free.


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#3. Easy-to-Use Interface

A cluttered interface confuses you that you can’t even figure out which option you want. CCleaner, on the other hand comes with a sleek interface with organized layout.

Once you open the software, you get to know it isn’t a mere cleaner. The best thing about CCleaner is the interface never intimidates us. Even without a lot of features, it appears as a streamlined one.

On the right pane of the interface, you get four tabs; Cleaner, Registry, Tools, Options and Upgrade. Clicking on each tab gives you different options to carry on with separate tasks. However We have already writen a guide on how to use ccleaner you can read it from here.

Like popular android app mx player ccleaner also has a very good user interface, you can download mx player from it’s official website here.

#4. System Monitoring

We know it is good to clean the browsing data to save some space. Still, we forget to do it often. That’s where the importance of CCleaner kicks in.

You can enable active system monitoring from the Settings panel to get notifications when the junk file goes beyond a specific limit.

If you want to make maximum use of this, you have to purchase ccleaner professional version.

#5. Cross-Platform Support

All of us use devices running on different platforms. And, we need to eliminate junks on all of them.

That’s why Piriform made CCleaner available for different platforms. Along with the Windows version, you can download it for Mac and Android as well.

Unfortunately, it isn’t available now for iOS and Linux. I have given the link to download the tool for free in the beginning of this article.

#6. Registry Cleaner

The registry contains all the settings and configurations for the smooth functioning of Windows OS. Most of the issues related to file associations happen due to registry problems. The manual registry repair needs you to be a geek. Here, CCleaner helps you clean your registry with its dedicated tool.

Please Note: I recommend you don’t use this tool so often. Regular registry cleaning doesn’t bring any positive results. Sometimes, it may render more harm than any good.

During each registry cleanup session, CCleaner saves a backup file. You can use it in case you want to restore the registry to its previous state.

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#7. Cookie Exclusion

When you use CCleaner, it cleans up all the browsing data including cookies. You can choose which data you want to clean (say history, cookies, password etc.).

CCleaner gives you an extra option as you can add cookies you don’t want to clean into the exclusion list from the settings menu.

Just follow Settings>> Cookies. You can see all the cookies on your computer there. Simply choose one and hit -> button. That’s it.

#8. Monitor CPU Usage on Your Phone

You can analyze extra information on your phone using CCleaner for Android. CPU usage section helps you understand how much heavy your apps are.

It is also possible to track your memory (RAM) and internal storage usage as well. Given that these days many phones with no memory card slots are coming into the market, keeping a track of your internal storage use is significant.

Along with these, ccleaner helps you monitor your smartphone temperature and battery levels too.

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#9. A Few Additional Useful Tools Of CCleaner

I already told you that CCleaner isn’t a mere cleaner. You can do a lot more with it.

Open the software and navigate to Tools. You can see a list of seven additional features there. Let me explain each one of them.

  • Uninstall:- The faster way to uninstall your applications. It doesn’t delay functioning like the default tool on the control panel. You can select any software and proceed to the uninstallation by simply hitting the Uninstall button. Unfortunately, no batch uninstall facility is available right now.
  • Startup:- If you are wondering how to disable startup programs, this is the thing you are searching for. It displays all the startup services. You can disable, delete or re-enable them with just a few clicks.
  • Browser Plugins:- Once you open this, you get the list of all the browser extensions under different tabs. All you have to do is selection and deletion. Yeah, you can delete multiple items from there. You must close all browser tabs before you use this.
  • Disk Analyzer:- Do you want to know which types of files are eating up your hard disk space? Well, Disk Analyzer is the perfect tool for you. Click on it, choose categories, select drives, and hit Analyze. There you go! The duration of the scan solely depends on the size of the disk.
  • Duplicate Finder:- I use this tool often. On my computer, I always store same movies and music multiple times. Finding it manually takes time, Thats when this awesome tool of ccleaner comes in. Moreover, the windows search feature isn’t the quickest as well.
  • System Restore:- Displays all the restore points and gives you an option to remove them. You can’t restore from this interface, though.
  • Drive Wiper:- When you delete a file, Windows simply makes the path hidden so that you can’t access it. It technically doesn’t free up the storage. The drive wiper helps you wipe hard disks for functional free space.


So, did you download CCleaner?

I highly recommend you should do it. In the beginning of this article, I have given you download links for different platforms.

Just go back to it and choose the one that suits you the best. Cleaning doesn’t need a geeky mind. You can do it within a few clicks.

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